Thursday, April 30, 2015

My first post, a straight forwarded yummy recipe.

Directly from the beautiful and popular island of St.Maarten to you a recipe that everyone can do. Four persons could share the food when ready.
It is economical for the end of the month empty pocket persons who needs a stomach filling meal with a great taste and fast to create. St.Maarten is a busy island and with a hot temperature you want probably try this super fast cooked meal.

In the pan (Asian wok) I fry a piece of knuckle steak (sirloin) in oil of your choice sprinkled with Adobe Light spices (less salt) and a small teaspoon of powdered gloves. Add also a tablespoon of Asian Ketjap- or Oyster sauce for the color and taste.

After the meat is well done, has a nice brownish color and smells like you want to eat it right now, you slice the meat in very small pieces. Then you add a half onion cut also small, same for a half green or red sweet pepper and a half of one of these thick pieces of fresh carrots, also cut in small pieces. Peel four small potatoes and do same like the veggies, cut in small square bits. Add a cup of water, a little piece of full cream butter and sprinkle with Provence dried herbs. Eventually you can add some salt if that is your taste. Cover the pan and lower the fire. Wait for 15 minutes, take of the cover and add some more water. Mix a spoon of flour with a little water in a cup and do in the pan. Stir to make a nice creamy sauce. Take of the fire, this section is done.

In a rice cooker add six cups of rice. Wash the rice with tapped water. Throw in a can of beans of your choice (without the can of course), a little pinch of salt and Adobe Light spices. Water level supposed to be an inch above the rice and leave the rice cooker do the cooking. Or replace water with pure coconut milk and taste the difference. Pure coconut milk is healthy and makes the rice and peas combo very tasty.
After the rice is done, leave the cover still on the rice cooker for ten minutes. The rice will be dry and loose.

I also have two sweet ripe plantains just to add a little sweetness to the food. Your children will love them.
After peeling the plantains, cut them in slices and fry them in two tablespoons of oil. Sprinkle a little sugar and cinnamon powder on one side. Turn over the plantain slices a few times until they have a niece brown color (not black and burned up).

It's now time to fill the plate and feed the hungry bellies. It should feed four persons. I also have some veggies, like cauliflower,broccoli and carrots as a healthy side dish. I use mixed frozen vegetables and steamed them with a little salt for about ten minutes. For the ones who like the food a little hot, add a teaspoon of hot sauce to the plate. It balances the sweet flavor of the sliced plantains. Enjoy!